Synthroid is FDA maternity group A - it is absolutely secure for breastfeeding and pregnant ladies.

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You need to be taking Synthroid specifically as prescribed, following your medical professional's instructions worrying the dose you take and regularity of administration.


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When taken at the same time with Synthroid, you must also mention any sort of prescription or non-prescription products that could in some means lesser the effectiveness of your treatment.

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It's a synthetic kind of levothyroxine, a hormone produced by your thyroid glandular moderating the metabolic rate and level of power.

You ought to likewise mention any prescribed or over the counter products that might somehow reduced the efficiency of your treatment when taken at the very same time with Synthroid.

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Synthroid is a replacement for the thyroid bodily hormone recommended when the physical body is incapable to produce sufficient of it or there is an imbalance of the bodily hormone caused by a surgery, radiation therapy or cancer cells.